popinasky asked: Hey! I just read that you got the Scarlett Studio bundle and I was wondering if you like it... Have you tried recording more than 2 tracks and mixing them? Is the mic good? Thank you :)

Hi there! I DO like it! It’s pretty great, especially considering the price. I’ve recorded more than one track in the sense that I recorded, like, melody and then harmony, lol. I haven’t used more than one input simultaneously. But yeah, I just use Garage Band, and what I’ve recorded it so far has been pretty damn awesome quality. I admittedly don’t have much to compare it to other than my Mac’s external mic, but whoa, the change in that quality alone made it worth the price. I do recommend it, especially if you’re on a budget.

The only accessory I needed to buy was a pop filter.

It also came with a lot of downloadable software. I haven’t had any time to get into the workings of that any of them yet, though. Garage Band is simple enough that I can do what I need, for now. 

webbiestfish-deactivated2013102 asked: Sing Across the Universe, Fiona Apple version. For some reason I think you'd sing that well!

I’ll check it out! Thanks for the follow here. <3



Mine. :)

Mine. :)

Exciting plans!

(I’ve been sorely neglecting this blog, I know.)

But what would you say if I told you I’ve got plans for a Christmas album in the work?!

I’ve got a whole list of songs I’d like to add my own spin to, in terms of both music and vocals, and I’ve got a few friends willing to help me do so.

I’m so tired of listening to the same tired old Christmas songs, each done with the same tempo and form, just with different singers! Aren’t you?

Expect to see that taking shape in August, perhaps, with previews and clips from then until the Christmastime release!

(Also, expect it to have a pretty awesome b-side that’s not related to Christmas at all. But you’ll just have to wait until you’ve got it in your hot little hands to hear that one!)

Thanks for sticking around. Love you. <3

Nightwish’s “The Escapist”

So this happened.

Me & a few friends in Jazz/Rock Combo at my college, 10/26.

(Surreptitiously using Voice Recorder while looking at the lyrics on my phone.)

We don’t have the super-long instrumental intro, and you can BARELY hear the piano (I think I clipped it, but at the end my professor tells him to fuckin’ play louder, lol). But once everything’s mixed properly it should sound a lot closer to the original! :)

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Someone Like You | Jekyll & Hyde | Amulette

I’m doing this song for my singing class. Here’s an early attempt, with my professor on the keys!

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City | Sara Bareilles | Amulette

Because Derek has been bugging me about it… here’s a little somethin’.

I was going to do this today at the Open Mic but decided glorified karaoke is less cool to do live than… real karaoke. Thus, it goes here!

Also, sorry about the hiatus. <3

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Special Event Happening at Amulette's Music on Facebook!

Become a Fan and check it out! Two slots left. ;)

In His Eyes | Jekyll & Hyde | Amulette | Rough Drafts

This is actually an excerpt from my voice lesson yesterday. Everything is always recorded so I can do the warm-ups on my own and hear what I sounded like, and (for once) I was particularly proud of this piece.

My teacher, Lorna, is playing the piano. (:

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